Bored during quarantine? Share some of the things you are doing to help pass time in the comments ? Here are some ideas we put together for you.

To help you and your family during our quarantine time, we’ve put together a list of activities to keep you busy.

Have a cookbook cook-off
Have each family member flip through their favorite cookbook, pick a random page and then challenge another family member to cook up the delicious dish for the whole family to enjoy.
Toilet paper roll crafts with the kiddos
If there is one thing most families always have in their homes it’s toilet paper. Recycle the leftover cardboard rolls to make craft magic with the family. From Easter bunnies to aliens, there are dozens of fun ways to create family fun with toilet paper rolls.
Learn a new spring craft
Always fancied trying your hand at macramé, knitting, wallpapering, or calligraphy? Now’s your chance.
Create a vacation photo book
Travel back in time to your last family vacation and make a photo book from all your favorite snaps. Add captions, dates, and stories to create the perfect coffee table keepsake, giving you that vacation feeling every time you take a look through.
Gather your friends for a virtual game night
Don’t let quarantine snuff your competitive spirit. Choose from our list of multiplayer apps and challenge your pals to bouts of Scrabble Go, Mario Kart Tour, or the most divisive game of all — Monopoly.
Take Virtual ride at an amusement park on Youtube– Virtual rides will make you feel kike you’re really there.
Grow a little garden
Even if all you’ve got is a windowsill, you can still bring some green into your space. There are tons of veggies you can regrow out of kitchen scraps, and our expert guide details how to branch out to more ambitious plant projects.

Commune with nature. Walk around outside in the sun at a healthy distance from other humans (trails, forests, etc.).  Vitamin D, What could be better?

Climb aboard Google Earth and tour our national parks
Peer through your computer screen for a glimpse of wilderness at 31 locations like Yosemite, Yellowstone, and Grand Canyon National Park.  

Reconnect with old Friends– We all have friends who stay in far away cities and countries and it is difficult to connect when we lead such busy lives. Take the time to catch up.

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