Boundary Disputes- Do you know where your property begins and ends ?

Boundary disputes between neighbors is a fairly common issue. Neighbors commonly end up in disagreements about the location of fences, driveways and tree lines. People frequently assume they know where a property’s boundaries are, but fences, driveways or even tree lines can be misleading.
There are several ways a boundary dispute can surface. Sometimes, deed descriptions are wrong and have been this way for decades. Sometimes, though the neighbors all agree that the legal description is correct, one neighbor has been occupying a portion of the land for long enough to claim ownership of it.
Land Surveys are often overlooked because banks do not require them. If you are taking out a loan on a piece of property, the bank will require an appraisal or an inspection, but not a survey. The lender relies on the title company and the title insurance to ensure that the legal description of the property truly matches the boundaries.
When buying a new home you should make sure that a new survey is done and on file with the Register of Deeds. There is no way to know exactly what you are buying unless a survey has been conducted recently. 

In Ohio, Officials split a building  in two to solve a dispute. read more… 



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