Visiting and Living in Historic Williamsburg, Virginia

Traditional horse and buggy in front of historic Williamsburg, VA house

Williamsburg, Virginia is one of America’s oldest cities. Whether you are visiting, working, living or planning to buy a home in Williamsburg, you can’t help but feel the history all around you. From its original founding as the capital of Virginia Colony in 1699, to today’s thriving community and high quality of life, Williamsburg is a place to enjoy and explore, and a great place to call home.

A Historic Beginning

Williamsburg was named in honor of King William III. With its landscape dotted with history and a quiet dignity that comes with time, it lives up to its regal name. One of America’s first universities, the College of William and Mary, was founded in Williamsburg in 1693, making it the second oldest institution of higher learning in the United States. Among its most famous attendees were future Presidents Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe. George Washington assembled the Continental Army in Williamsburg in 1781 in preparation for the battle of Yorktown that decided the outcome of the American Revolution.

Williamsburg was a planned city from the beginning, laid out to be worthy of its role as the center of government and commerce in Virginia. Its beautiful capitol building was home to the oldest legislative body in America. Williamsburg was for many years a hub of business, government, social and religious life. And, while the capital of Virginia was later moved to Richmond, Williamsburg retains the elegance of its years as a center of colonial life.

Williamsburg Today

Sights to See

As you might imagine, a city with such a long history has plenty of historic homes, museums and other sites that preserve its history and entertain visitors as well. Its points of interest and welcoming way of life draw vacationers and history buffs from all over, making Williamsburg a popular tourist destination. Local residents enjoy frequenting their favorite sites, parks, restaurants and other amenities, as they take in the variety and rich history of the place they call home.

A great way to get a feel for old Williamsburg is to visit the Colonial Williamsburg Historic Area. Here, you can see the old Governor’s Palace; visit the Capitol Building, which includes the Courtroom and the House of Burgesses; take a course in government led by a James Madison impersonator and featuring historic philosophers and thinkers; and enjoy a number of other history and craft-themed activities. There are plenty of fun things for kids to do in Williamsburg as well.

The area around Williamsburg is filled with historic sites. One popular outing is a visit to nearby Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement. To enjoy fun and the outdoors, visit Busch Gardens Williamsburg, or any one of a number of parks and water attractions along the riverfront. With great dining and outdoor activities, there’s always something new to discover.

Quality of Life

What about living in Williamsburg? Well, according to, Williamsburg ranks within the top 10 for a number of livability metrics. It is highly ranked as a Best Place for military retirees, coming in at #2. Younger people need not worry; Williamsburg ranks #4 for most competitive public colleges and #7 under America’s Best Places for Dating. Everyone will enjoy having fun in Williamsburg. Its #8 rating for Most Playful Cities shows that its residents don’t roll up the streets when the sun goes down. Overall, Williamsburg offers a great quality of life and homes to fit your family and lifestyle.

Weather-wise, residents say to expect humidity and heat in the summer, as is expected in the South. Winter, however, is mild, not too cold. Overcast skies are common in the winter months. Williamsburg offers a welcome respite from both northern winters and the hot summers of places like Florida and Texas.

Buying and Selling Real Estate in Williamsburg

If you are looking for a home in Williamsburg, there are many great neighborhoods with homes for sale, among them Governor’s Green, Ford’s Colony, Governor’s Land at Two Rivers, Governors Land, King’s Mill, Queen’s Lake, First Colony, Colonial Park, City Center, Birchwood Park, Oakland Estates, Fairway Villas, Banbury Cross, Villages At Westminster, Heritage Landing and Jamestown. If you would like more information on these neighborhoods and others and what homes may be available, give us a call.

When you want to buy or sell real estate in and around Williamsburg, you don’t have to pay a percentage in commission. Instead, choose flat fee MLS real estate services. With all the tools you need available to you, we can help you save money on your transaction. Contact us for more information on our Williamsburg Virginia or other properties available in the tri-state area, or list your home today with our flat fee MLS listing service. Contact Deb Kent, Realtor, who has been serving the Williamsburg area since 1994.

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