The Covid -19 DIY Haircut

As we all continue to stay safe and locked down, people who are self-isolating at home are trying to find creative ways to carry on, including when it comes to cutting their own hair.
However, creating a new style in the mirror with a pair of kitchen scissors is not the best way to go about getting the job done. Professionals suggest getting little cuticle-nipping scissors from CVS and get a good small-tooth comb. The important thing to remember is that small scissors minimize the risk of big mistakes because they’re easy to handle and they have short blades. You can also do some trimming with mustache scissors. Most do-it-yourself haircut tutorials recommend that you should wet your hair before cutting it, but this doesn’t work for all types of hair. If you have straight hair, you’ll need to keep your hair wet so that you can get each snip perfectly even. However, curly hair can look entirely different when it’s wet than when it’s dry to it’s often safer to cut it dry, and in its natural state.
Click here for a DIY video

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