Have you noticed its taken the US Postal service so long to deliver a letter or package? Sending mail across your state or even the country feels it will never be delivered. Will my mail get there this week or next week? Around 20% of first-class mail across the US was delivered late so far this year. And now snail mail is about to get slower for some of the 160 million residences and businesses that rely on the Postal Service.

Starting Oct 1st the USPS could take up to 30% longer to deliver mail which means it could take up to 5 days to reach its destination. The changes are part of Postmasters plan to repair the massive debt they are in. Post office hours could even be reduced and an increase in postage. A USPS representative said that customers can still use Priority Mail Express and Priority Mail services with a one-to-three-day standard to ship letters, larger envelopes or packages within the contiguous United States. However, if you plan to use regular first-class mail or package service, the USPS recommends that you plan ahead and send your mail early in order for it to reach its destination on time. 

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