How to Set Up an MLS Listing by Owner

If you are currently contemplating putting your home on the market, you may be hesitant to turn over the sale of your home to a real estate professional due to the hefty commissions involved. The good news is homeowners also have the option of setting up their own MLS listing. While the MLS Listing process … Continue reading “How to Set Up an MLS Listing by Owner”

How to List your Property on the MLS for a Small Fee

If you’re planning to sell your home, having your property appear on the MLS gives you a big advantage. An MLS listing that can be accessed in an online search on any number of real estate sites by anyone, anywhere, makes it easier for prospective buyers to find your home.  The more people who see … Continue reading “How to List your Property on the MLS for a Small Fee”

You Can Sell Your Home during the Holidays

Well, 2020 has been a year for the books with all the upheaval due to COVID, natural disasters, and elections. It feels like everything is changing quickly, but some things keep moving on. Real estate is no exception. Don’t let timing get in the way of your real estate transaction when you are ready to … Continue reading “You Can Sell Your Home during the Holidays”

Navigating the Close Process with Your FSBO Home Sale

Selling your home without a real estate agent is a pretty simple process…at least until you get a buyer and move on to the closing process. That’s when things can get a little bit more complicated. However, you don’t need to be put off by this final step. You just need to assemble a good … Continue reading “Navigating the Close Process with Your FSBO Home Sale”

Selling Your Home during COVID-19

While current events can seem a little unsettling, the residential real estate market is prospering. With interest rates at record lows and people who’ve been home a lot growing restless, there are a lot of eager buyers on the market. Available inventory remains low, so it’s a great time to sell a home. Following the … Continue reading “Selling Your Home during COVID-19”

Declutter Now, Before You Sell Your Home

When you have called somewhere your home for a while, it can be really hard emotionally to move out, whether you feel ready for the move or not. The problem with pre-move decluttering – or just decluttering in general – is that people often find that it’s harder than they imagined and letting go is … Continue reading “Declutter Now, Before You Sell Your Home”