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Are you selling For Sale By Owner and a Buyer wants to buy your home or did a buyers agent just present you an offer ?  Congratulations! Now What?

Our Paperwork-to-Closing Assistance Option helps individuals who have opted to buy or sell a home with or without the service of a Realtor.

This program provides paperwork to closing assistance by our licensed realtor, including assistance in reviewing offers that come in from a Realtor. We also help you with the counter-offers and negotiations. The cost is a small, one-time fee.

With our the Closing Assistance Option we:

FSBO For Sale By Owner Contract Assistance

  • We Assist you in all areas of the home selling process whether you have a buyers agent involved or not. 
  • Coordinate completion of appropriate paperwork. (As agreed upon by you and the buyer).
  • Assist in meeting the requirements of the Purchase Agreement, as to inspections, reports, etc.
  • Assist with suggestions for the counter offer to the Buyers’ agent.
  • We can send the counter to the Buyer’s agent.
  • We will assist in negotiations with the Buyer’s agent.
  • Facilitate communication between buyer and seller to help prevent disputes from arising.
  • Assist in expediting the loan process in order to obtain loan, or loan assumption, approval (if same be required as set forth in the Purchase Agreement).
  • Assist in meeting the requirements of the closing agent in connection with the closing of Seller and Buyer.
  • Review Closing Statement/ALTA (formerly called HUD) before closing (if requested).
  • Guide you through the steps to bring your sale to closing.
  • Draw up the offer is buyer is without an agent based on the terms seller and purchaser have agreed.
  • We will then work with BOTH Seller and Buyer to meet the terms of the contract to get all parties to closing.

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