Need For Sale by Owner MLS?

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Lots of folks want to sell their own home and save on the sales commission. If you’re thinking about selling your home on your own, keep in mind that you could face one big disadvantage. Without help from a listing realtor or real estate broker, your home won’t appear on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) where most homebuyers and buyer agents go when looking to buy a property. But a For Sale by Owner MLS listing is possible if you work with a For Sale by Owner realtor or broker like Deb Kent of For Sale By Owner Virginia. It’s easy. Here’s how it works.

MLS for FSBO Sellers

The MLS listing service is how real estate agents find properties that meet their buyers’ requirements, such as price, location, size and other features, along with photos that display the properties features. The general public can view some of the information online through services such as, Zillow, Redfin and Trulia.  Getting this visibility is as important to For Sale by Owner (FSBO) sellers as regular home sellers to attract the right interested buyers and generate offers. If you are selling FSBO, in order to have an MLS listing, you’ll need to go through a broker or real estate agent. If you don’t list on the MLS, you are missing out on potential buyers. With a For Sale by Owner MLS listing, buyers in your area, and buyers in other locations who are looking to buy in your area, will learn about your property for sale.

At For Sale By Owner Virginia, For Sale By Owner MLS listing service is available for properties in Northern Virginia, Spotsylvania, Richmond, Charlottesville, Ocean City, Williamsburg, Roanoke and Virginia Beach.

Advantages of a For Sale by Owner MLS listing service

No Seller (Listing Agent) Sales Commission 

When you work with an FSBO broker, you’ll get more than an MLS listing. In addition to having this listing to attract more buyers, selling FSBO and doing some of the work of a real estate agent yourself can save you thousands of dollars in seller agent commissions. In addition to cash savings, an FSBO broker can provide you with other important benefits for your sale by owner home selling process.  


FSBO brokers have access to a wide range of tools for marketing your property and attracting interested buyers. These tools help ensure that you have a smooth and successful selling experience with your FSBO property. These include professional yard signs, lockboxes, flyers, advertising and more.


Having an FSBO broker help you out means you’ll also learn valuable information about making this kind of sale. Your broker can provide you with important insight into what to expect from the FSBO selling process, including how to improve your chances of making a sale and what the closing process involves.  Access educational videos, FAQ’s and articles to learn how to get better results for your home sale.

Support Services

FSBO brokers offer support services that can make the selling process more stress-free for you. With an FSBO broker, you can get assistance with closing on the sale and determining the right listing price for your property. In fact, your FSBO broker can do everything from running a comparative market analysis (CMA), to helping you figure out the best listing price for your home, to handling the paperwork for you when you close the sale. 

Local Flat Fee For Sale by Owner MLS Listing Service

Your FSBO broker can give you access and help you to set up your MLS listing for an affordable flat fee. Take some photos and add details about your home and your home will be visible to potentially thousands of home buyers looking for a home like yours in your area. For a faster sale at the best price, an MLS listing provides the wide market exposure you need.

Benefits of a Flat Fee FSBO MLS Listing Service

With a flat fee MLS listing service, you only pay a flat fee for an MLS listing in your area rather than paying a certain percentage in commission to a listing agent, up to 3%. (You still pay the buyer’s agent commission of up to 3% unless your buyer is also working without an agent.) As an FSBO seller, you can use our basket of free and included tools and information to help you handle your FSBO sale on your own, or, if you have limited time, you may want additional services to you help with the process, such as the close assistance option.

At For Sale By Owner Virginia, we offer a number of flat fee packages at different service levels to meet every seller’s needs.  If you would like to know more about working with an FSBO broker, contact us today.

Author: Debbie Kent

Debbie Crevier-Kent began her career as a licensed Real Estate agent. Seeing the need for lower real estate selling costs, she created easy to use FSBO service packages, starting in 1994. Ms. Crevier-Kent is a member, and and a member or NAR, NVAR, REIN, BRIGHT, WAAR, and CAAR

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  1. I appreciated it when you shared that you will only pay a flat fee for an MLS listing in your area instead of paying a certain percentage in commission to a listing agent. My friend just mentioned the other day that she is planning to sell her house as she is going to move to another state for good. I will suggest to her listing her house on MLS listing so she won’t have to pay so much to the agent.

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