Did Zillow cancel the purchase of your home through their iBuyer program?

We have heard that Zillow has canceled contracts on hundreds of sellers homes that are waiting on their new homes to be built.

Zillow once offered its iBuyer program or instant home-buying program but has concluded the program, blaming it on the pandemic. It offered sellers an easier way to sell their home without even listing it. Instead of the traditional selling steps, Zillow Offered sellers cash offers on homes online, without even seeing them.

They offered lower prices than traditional buyers, but attracted many sellers by promising faster, all-cash deals. If you are someone you know has fallen into this dilemma we are here to help serve you in Virginia. Sell your home quick with a flat fee MLS listing or receive a buyer rebate when you purchase a home with our licensed Realtor since 1994 and top agent in the Virginia area since 2015.

For more information on the news with Zillow,  We found a few articles to share.




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