Sellers consider having an open house over the Thanksgiving weekend:

Thanksgiving open houses have many advantages and you certainly want to get it sold before the holidays arrive and the first big snow hit.

Thanksgiving weekend may be a smart time to hold an open house. Your home is already for sale, so stash the leftovers, keep the holiday decorations to a minimum, and take advantage of everyone’s downtime to try to get some of those home shoppers through your front doors. Typically, the number of open houses during the Thanksgiving holiday is less than half what a normal weekend might have. That means your home may get more exposure than it would with more competition for the same day.


Since many people have that weekend off, it may be the best opportunity for them to go out and look. When the buyer and seller both are serious, a holiday open house can be effective. When the buyers are motivated, they are more than happy to shirk Black Friday shopping in hopes of finding the right house.


  • Do not overdo it with decorations. Buyers want to see the features of the home not your holiday deco. 
  • Do not forget to remove the remains of the festive feast. This includes airing cooking odors from the previous day, stale smells persist, although those who live in the house no longer smell them.


  • Do put your pet in a safe place. Strangers in the house can be troubling to your pet. Buyers may find the animals intimidating or have allergies.
  • Do turn on all the lights. In winter, the sun sets early, and even daytime Thanksgiving open houses can find a cloudy day. Potential buyers prefer bright rooms. This means that windows and shutters should be open.

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