Tips on writing a property description for your listing

While it’s fact that your photographs in a real estate ad make the best first impressions for your listing and you really want ‘wow’ with photos and lots of them to make your home stand out among-st the hundreds of other listings. Grabbing the buyers interest with the right words also play a huge part.
The MLS typically doesn’t give agents a lot of room for property descriptions within the listing.  So, you need to us this space wisely, you don’t want to repeat any information that will show up in the details section anyway. In other words, there’s no need to repeat that the home has three bedrooms and two bathrooms since those facts are already mentioned in the highlights of the listing. Save the description box for captivating information that will bring buyers into your home for a closer look. Showcase your property’s best features, but remember to be honest and factual.
Try and create scenarios that appeal to the potential buyer and that will help them imagine how they could live in the property. For example, ‘The south-facing deck is ideal for relaxing on in the summer and comes complete with a covered BBQ area’ would help set the scene, putting them in the mind set of enjoying the space themselves.
If you are struggling to get underway, write a list of the home’s key features. Once you’ve listed the features, it should be easy to group them into a paragraph using descriptive words and phrases. Be sure not to go overboard, as your property description could become more of a story . It can be easy to embellish certain features of your house, however you don’t want to end up with disappointed viewers if the home doesn’t  live up to expectations. There’s a fine line between not writing enough and writing a novel. Keep your descriptions short and to the point in order to keep the attention of the potential buyer.
Lastly, If you’re trying to sell your home quickly and want to entice buyers, you can add a special promotion to your listing description. Some of the most compelling buyer concessions include:Home warranty, credits toward closing costs, and a flexible close date.

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